Add-On Account

We are trying to figure out whether it’s worth creating a new account for a second division in our company. Is there a benefit to creating a whole new account vs. keeping one account and playing with tags/duplicating contacts?

If you try to run two accounts through one system, the times were you hit the biggest problems are:

  • CAN-SPAM info at the bottom of the page cannot be changed per company - there is only one default piece of info that goes into all emails
  • Billing can’t be split amongst companies - so if you were thinking of trying to process payments from ABC Co. and XYZ Co, all billing would have to go through just one company

Other that, you can run 2 companies in one system and separate out via tags, etc.


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While it’s “possible” many have tried and found it to be a huge challenge for both logistics and marketing reasons. You can’t have two sets of company assets active so every email would have to be done from scratch (for example) because you wouldn’t be able to use templates for both as one marketing (logo’s, format, content) would be inserted into the other’s templates. Tracking with tags is much more complex and forget reporting (again it can be done but with great challenges). It’s also very easy to catch yourself up in cross marketing (a permission based marketing no no) and would make it a challenge to prevent spam complaints. While you can register dkim for both domains involved, spf would be another challenge for the same sending ip addresses and would be picked up by the larger inbox providers as suspicious.