Campaigns sending emails from old email even after re-publishing campaign

Is there a fix for my problem?
I created campaign and I used my email address to send it.
After couple of days I duplicated my campaign and I changed my outgoing email address since I am using this one in another language and territory. Still even after republishing everything system is sending emails from original email address.
Does anybody have a fix for this except creating new campaign from scratch?
P.S. I have this problem in another campaign as well when. My user stoped with her activity and when I changed the email address, system is still sending from the old one…


One old trick is to set the email to draft, and then right back to ready, and give the campaign a republish. I would like to take a look at this though, if you wouldn’t mind. @Zoran_Vignjevic I am going to send a Direct Message to you, to see if I can get some details on your example.

Hi James,
thank you for your answer
BE - Benefits of coaching - re-engage campaign
Campaign ID 5304

Met energieke groet,

Zoran Vignjevic
Master Coach, Client & Business Leader

Hi Zoran, Is there a specific email in this campaign I should be looking at? Is it all of them, and if so, is the first email a prime example of an email that has one email address listed, but sends from the old one?

Hi James,
in meantime this is solved. Thanks!