Question about Republishing campaigns after updates

I have a campaign running and one of the hyperlinked files is now outdated. we updated the file and, as expected, the link to the file in the campaign email is not working. If there are hundereds of people in this campaign, can I just update the hyperlink and republish? If I do this, will it resend emails to all the people in the campaign? I dont want them getting a whole bunch of things from us twice.

If this is the case, would it be better to tag them all, remove them, republish, then reinsert them? I feel like that would cause the same issue of doubling up on emails to them.

Thanks for the assistance.

It won’t “resend” anything on it’s own. if contacts are in the campaign when you publish the changes then the updates will take affect wherever they are at in the campaign, not from the beginning. It would require pulling them out and then putting them back in, to get that to happen.

Thanks John, that makes sense