All of our campaigns are being sent from the wrong profile email address

For about a month now every time I create a new email within a campaign, I insure I am using my Profile/email address in the “From:” field in the email address. I set the email from draft to ready and publish the email, the campaign sequence runs when the emails are received, they are being received as having been sent from a different profile/email address. This used to be an issue on a very small percentage of the emails 3-5% of emails sent. Now it’s every email in every campaign is being sent “From:” the company owner’s Profile and not my Profile.

I even added myself to every campaign, double checked the emails were published with the From field having my profile email address, but when the campaign runs I get the email from my owner’s email and not mine. Is there a way to fix this issue?

Hi Karas, I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the From email address. The From email is automatically the Logged In User. In order to change it follow these steps:

Click the pencil
Select another User from the drop down
Click Save
Click the pencil
Select the Email you want to be sent as the From Email Address
Click Save

Yes I’m doing all those steps, and I’m logged in as my own profile/email address when creating the email. So it should NEVER default to the owner’s email address as he NEVER creates emails. But when it sends, it is now sending from his email.

To clarify these steps would be done each time an email is created and the campaign published.

If the campaign was already published and then the From email was attempted to be changed then most likely the campaign doesn’t see the changes to the email. In this case you would want to add/remove an element from the email body so that the Email becomes light gray with green lines. Then publish the campaign.

If you have done these steps and you are still having issues with the From email address I would recommend reaching out to Support for them to troubleshoot.