Campaign Emails Not Sending

I have set up two campaigns, each with different owners (i.e. InfusionSoft users) and to ensure each campaign email sends from the appropriate owner I’ve removed the default email address from global settings.

Campaign emails are no longer being sent out. I can no longer send ‘test’ emails from within the campaign manager function. I get an error message saying email cannot be sent at this time. Try again later.

I am receiving automatic notifications when the form is filled in (stage 1 of the campaign), the contact is added as are the tags. It is the email in the sequence that doesn’t send.

I’ve spent two days in and out of the Chat support room but have not achieved a working solution. Any help here would be appreciated.

Hi Lisa.

I just ran a test on a campaign that I found referenced in your support chat. I noticed that the email I received was coming from your other email address in the system (, not the one listed in the template(

I know you said that you had removed an email address, and it appears that at some point, the email FROM in the email template had changed. We are currently working on a tough issue where changing the email address in a template, isn’t triggering the campaign to want to publish the update.

The solution we share right now on this, is to set the email template from ready, to draft, and then right back to ready, and then publish the campaign. I can see you had been testing this campaign, so I performed this little solution, and dropped myself back in the sequence, and the email address I received in my inbox matched the template (

Again, the steps of setting an email from ready, to draft, right back to ready, and publishing, is a solution we are sharing, while our development team fixes the issue we are experiencing, where changing the FROM email in a template, isn’t always registering as a change that needs to publish.

Please let me know if I am missing anything.

Hi @Lisa_Erhart_Funding. I sent a DM your way a bit ago, about getting together to address the unresolved issues from your recent support case on this. :slight_smile: I want to make sure everything’s working on this, and identify any other problems.

Hi @James_Mefford

Thank you for picking this up. I have seen the DM and am grateful for your attention.

I will respond via the DM.