Emails in my campaign are not sending

Emails in my campaign are not sending.

Hi Martin, without more info its really hard to identify the problem here but here are my starting pointers:

  1. Have you asked support through the chat now function what is going on?

  2. Are all the emails and sequences switched on and have you published the campaign fully?

  3. Have you correctly added people to the campaign (there are many ways in which contacts join the campaign and without sight of it, again hard to diagnose)?

  4. Are those contacts opted in?

Those are the first four things you could check (option 1 gets someone who can look at your app live to help you), there are more (such as timers set up correctly, company info filled in, etc, but without knowing much more about age of system, your skill level, what the campaign is doing etc it’s really hard to answer).

Please come back with more info and I’ll try and help.

All the best


Thanks Andy… got it figured out. Appreciate your help and suggestions!

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