Business Card Scanner not transferring mobile number

Hi Team, I am new to Infusionsoft and scanned through about 30 business cards and found that pretty much all of the contacts once transcribed did not contain the mobile number. This I kinda need as I reach out to call these people and what this info logged in the CRM… Has anyone else experienced this? Also found that the role titles aren’t being entered in.

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I’m noticing the exact same thing. I scanned four cards as a trial and each one came back with a transcription of the main business number but not the mobile or fax numbers. Job titles were also missing.

Does anyone know of a setting that affects which numbers/fields get included?

Yes I seem to only end up with the first number at the top of the card. Which is the main business number. And yes missing the job titles on every single one of the last 40 or 50 cards that I have scanned.

Any help on this would be awesome?