Business Card Scanner and Adding them to lists

Hi Team,

Given that the scanner doesn’t scan in the mobile numbers off the business cards does ANYONE have a solution to bulk load a bunch of their business cards?



Hi, @Ealesy. I’ve never heard of that. It is supposed to transcribe all “relevant” information on a business card…a mobile number is definitely relevant. Are the mobile numbers printed clearly on the business cards?

Hi @martinc yes the mobile number is printed clearly on all 80 plus cards that I have scanned. It is also across a variety of cards as well.

Hi @Martin, I just checked yesterday’s scan and it has also not had the mobile number scanned in. Given that the mobile number is the one that I care about it is kinda frustrating. Also all bar 3 or 4 of the previous 80 plus cards did not have their Position Titles scanned in.

@martinc Any help that you can give me would be awesome.

Could you send me an image of a card that you scanned that didn’t get properly transcribed? I’ll take it to the mobile team and ask them about it. From what I understand, the only things that wouldn’t get transcribed are things that aren’t relevant to the contact record, illegible text and anything written by hand on the card.


Hey Mate, It has been pretty much every card that I have scanned since I started using Infusionsoft.

I passed this on to our mobile manager. I wish I could guarantee that all future cards will have everything scanned completely, but it is going to be a case of more closely monitoring the quality of work from our transcription vendor moving forward.

We will be leveraging Google Natural Language instead of a manual entry transcription service sometime later this year which will solve this problem.

That is cool mate. I had previously been using evernote to scan my cards and they worked really well. But want to have everything in the one place.

Hey Mate, Would you like me to continue to update you when I am not seeing the umbers flowing through? I attended another event yesterday and scanned last night and checking this morning and any card with two contact numbers on it, it is only the first number that get’s transcribed in. Which 9 times out of ten the first number is not the mobile number… Which is really the one that I want.