Building custom designed checkout page

We have this page:

It pulls from the form in a campaign

We’d like to be able to grab the credit card right from that page, without redirecting people to a separate checkout/cart page.

How do we do that?

If we can’t do that, how can we capture it there and send it to IFS, but so that the customer doesn’t have to go to an additional page?

Or we could put all of the design on a separate page (IFS hosted checkout page if we need to) and then direct traffic at that page, (if it has to be done on some kind of other page for the credit card to be accepted there,) but yes, we’d like the cc info to be collected on that one page without having an additional page for the customers to go to.

If we have to send visitors to a checkout page hosted by Infusionsoft, then how do we build a custom checkout page for JUST this campaign?

Hey Jonathan, I’m gonna answer your question in a little bit of a roundabout way, but this may not be what you want, and it may be something you’re already doing; so forgive me if that’s the case.

I would keep your initial page exactly as is. I get your request to have it all on one page, but the reality is that doing it that way will likely increase your bounce rate for the page.

So, I think I’d do it this way:

Step 1: Collect info on the opt in
Step 2: Redirect to the sales page (and pre-populate what you can so they don’t have to type it twice)
Step 3: Use the Infusionsoft Nudge for folks who get stuck between step 1 and step 2

(More on the Infusionsoft nudge here)


Thank you for making the time to respond!

So I’ll walk through the whole process.

Get the Free PDF (User optin):

(Once opted in, redirect to)

Get the Free Print version (Pay only shipping):

(If getting the print version, then)

Get the Bonuses:

We don’t want to have them go from the Free Print version to a separate checkout page to pay for the shipping. We’d like to have the CC form right on that page. (I know we can do it in WooCommerce with a custom checkout page, but that requires a separate plugin purchase and if we can do it all in Infusionsoft, that would be fine.)

How can we collect payment right on that 2nd page?

Gotcha. So, in order to collect payment, you’ll need for that page to be an order form.

You can use the custom HTML areas on the order form page to make it look a certain way, and you can use a theme with two columns, but it will probably not look exactly the way it does right now.

But I don’t know of any way to put an Infuionsoft payment collection ON another page, only how to drive people TO an order form and collect payment there. Sorry.

Spiffy is a tool worth looking at, it may offer some other options and fleixbility for designing the page, but again, it’d be a paid third party tool.

Thanks again for replying.

Can I make an order form page that’s specific for these customers (i.e. gets it’s own URL we could send people to, and then has a custom thank you URL we could send them to post purchase)?

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Never mind. I see it here.

Thank you!


Bingo. 100% yes. This is the easiest way to handle it.

If you want a comprehensive overview of the Ecommerce Section, I’ve got a virtual course that covers it.

But if all you need is the order form bit, then that article should do the trick!