About the new Checkout Pages

Hey Guys,

I just found out about this new feature here:

Got super excited, but after playing with it I can’t help but feel disappointed…

But before I get to that, let me just describe what I’ve needed for years…

All I really want is to be able to accept orders from a page on my own domain and the ability to customize that page without being limited too much.

Ideally, I would like to have an iframe order form that shows ONLY the credit card fields and the button. On submit it would create the order inside IS and then communicate back the details of it to the parent page.

From there I can redirect to an upsell page and so on… Basically what EVERY OTHER payment processor provides (such as striped, chargebee, …)

The checkouts pages looked like a great start, because you can embed them as an iframe using the landing pages WP plugin.

But here are the issues I have encountered…

  • You can’t customize the order form AT ALL. Not even adding a section to enter the delivery address
  • It seems to be not possible to create orders for subscription products (I selected a subscription product and it ordered as a one-time product)
  • Each press on the checkout button adds the selected product to the order over and over
  • There is no way for the customer to remove the duplicate products from the order
  • The credit card form fields are not detected to be credit card fields by the browser and cannot be autofilled
  • The expiry date field is buggy when you want to delete and change the date
  • The credit card field doesn’t add spaces when entering
  • No option to add info about the order to the redirect (like the legacy order forms allowed)
  • No option to do the redirect in the parent of the iframe

Frankly I am surprised by how this was released in this state. Particularly the issue that pressing the checkout button adds the product multiple times and that there is no way for the customer to remove duplicates.

It’s like nobody bothered to actually try to use it…

Anyways, I just wanted to document the bugs publicly and start a discussion about what real customers actually need.


Interesting feedback on the new feature… I haven’t tested it so it comes as a surprise to me. Be sure and share that feedback with the Help function inside the builder… which will go straight to the development team on it.


The biggest issue I see with it is that in the Manage Products section, I can’t select pre-existing products even though they are shown there. Can’t select a product at all. What are we supposed to be selling here??

@BGB_Admin, I’m guessing you are looking at the Manage Products section on the left, but when you add a call to action, like a button, there will be a Products menu where you can select which products are tied to the cta.

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Just another bit of feedback.

Regarding shipping: There is a facebook discussion that specifically says shipping a product is NOT an option of even on the roadmap for future updates. So they were basically made for info marketers and service providers. Which, I can understand them only being made for that group of customers, but it is strange that you can’t offer a subscription.

Checkout page: it would be fantastic if I could just have a snippet of code to embed on my website that just display a “buy now” button. Then I can have an option for a pop-up or a redirect to the checkout page. But, that would then require some design options for that page. colors, logo, fonts, etc.

That way we can bypass the whole need for an Infusionsoft landing page.

Yeah figured that out, but you can’t even delete products from the checkout page. If you click the back button, and click the product button, it just adds more products. Obviously a caching issue but what % of customers are going to know about caching, and who is going to want to completely delete their browser history just to edit their cart? It’s asinine. Standard shopping carts always have delete buttons for individual items, but not this one! Go Keap!

Furthermore, it doesn’t show the name of the product(s) on the mobile version of the checkout page. How are folks supposed to know what they’re paying for?

This feature is NOT ready for deployment and I don’t understand who in their right mind thought it was ready to use. When will these basic features be complete? As of now, it’s completely useless.

Infusionsoft is NOT a payment processor. They are a middle man that offers pages that integrate with payment processors. Even the Infusionsoft Payments option is WePay, no IS, as the processor. IS hadn’t a way to offer what “every other payment processor” offers because it’s not their servers to offer it from.

Infusionsoft is NOT a payment processor. They are a middle man that offers pages that integrate with payment processors. Even the Infusionsoft Payments option is WePay, no IS, as the processor. IS hadn’t a way to offer what “every other payment processor” offers because it’s not their servers to offer it from.

Your argument is based on the definition of the term “processor”.

Infusionsoft may not be a payment gateway like stripe, but they do provide a service to process payments through order forms, manage subscriptions and run reports on those.

Stripe does the same, but with the addition that they are also a payment gateway.

Chargebee and recurly are direct competitors to IS’ e-commerce feature. They are not payment gateways like stripe. Instead they are, just like IS, platforms that provide order form functionality and subscription management services.

Both have simple JS APIs to create PCI SAQ A compliant order forms on customer’s websites.

I honestly don’t know why you are defending IS on this. It is absolutely absurd that an e-commerce platform is not providing these features for their users.

It has gotten to the point where there are SEVERAL companies (orderforms.com, spiffy, …) that only have one business function: Provide an alternative to Infusionsoft’s terrible order forms. But they are just hacks and not proper solutions to the problem. That’s because IS doesn’t provide developers with the tools to create proper third party PCI compliant order forms.

What’s worse is that many people are using non-PCI compliant custom order forms, such as Form Lift or a self-programmed solutions.

I know we’ve had several discussions on whether IS’ APIs are PCI compliant or not and you are of the opinion that they are. But you haven’t been able to point me to documentation from PCI that confirms they are. Whereas I was able to point out specific quotes from PCIs documentation that show that IS’ API are not PCI SAQ A compliant and several other members of this forum who looked into it have come to the same conclusion.

By not providing this essential feature IS is forcing customers to take security and regulatory risk. None of this is excusable.

After YEARS of waiting, IS has finally released a solution and it is this… Totally untested and unusable. Very unprofessional to release something with so many bugs and flaws to the public. At best this is an alpha version.


It’s not an argument. It’s a defined fact that specifies responsibility. No more than IS is an accounting package. But that doesn’t keep people from asking why IS doesn’t include accounting. Wanting something to “be” what it’s not doesn’t mean it should be or is.

Expectations get built in our mind and we think a product should follow those expectations without asking if that was what they were intended to do. Fact: they are not nor have ever been a gateway or payment processor.

IS is an ecommerce platform and it is reasonable to expect what competing services are offering in term of features. Especially when it comes to essential features.

It is impossible to use IS’ e-commerce features properly without storing credit card details inside of IS, without processing credit card details through IS.

How is providing a secure way to process orders, that doesn’t look like it is from 1995 and is available on the business owner’s own domain something that is not Infusionsoft’s responsibility?

Other companies that are allowing you to do the same thing (chargebee, recurly, fusebill, …) offer PCI SAQ A compliant order form solutions. And these companies are in NOT different from IS. Just like IS they connect to payment gateways and are not “payment processors” by your definition.

There is strong customer demand for this, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many thriving businesses that try to solve this problem for this (spiffy, orderforms.com, Form Lift).

Why is it unreasonable to demand a first-party solution that solves this customer problem properly?

Clearly IS considers it their responsibility too. Otherwise they wouldn’t even have started working on this checkouts feature.


Ecomm platforms are not and never were gateway/processors. You may find a small percentage that have their own but the vast majority INTEGRATE with a gateway and do NOT have one of their own.

We all tend to build expectations in our minds about what something should be but IS has never claimed in word or deed, to be a payment processor, but rather to integrate with payment processors. So we should be more in the habit of taking products at their description than our own preconceptions.

It’s very common to think this so it’s not like I mean to say it’s unusual, but it is inaccurate.

John, we just seem not to be able to get on the same wavelength.

I understand IS is not a payment gateway and I am not asking for IS to be a payment gateway.

But ecommerce is a core function of IS. It is impossible to use it without customers having the ability to place orders and input credit card numbers securely.

It’s impossible to use IS’ ecommerce feature and have recurring subscriptions if you are processing credit card payments outside of IS. If you used stripe’s order forms, the credit card details would be stored in stripe and IS would not be able to bill a recurring subscription. You need to get customer’s credit card details stored in IS.

IS doesn’t provide adequate order forms to accept customers orders and credit cards.

It’s reasonable to expect IS to provide something on par with what other ecommerce platforms (NOT processors) are providing.

IS understands this, which is why they started working on this checkouts feature. They are just failing to provide a good enough solution.

Order forms that are not responsive, look like they are from 1995 and that are not hosted on a business’ custom domain are NOT adequate for an ecommerce platform in 2019. They were barely adequate 10 years ago in 2009.

I don’t know what else there is to discuss here…


Gee I wonder if they’ll ever actually make Checkout Pages usable. Not holding my breath.

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