Best way to combat spam form submissions?

What does this mean? Does this protect the Landing Pages’ forms on my websites you mean? I don’t understand the relevancy of this comment.

SpamKill is working like a CHARM. $15 a month, works, It took me 15-20 minutes to get the code into my website forms, didn’t break the CSS styles too bad. I fixed those up, I can get back to work. In 24 hours It’s blocked 15 spam submissions and let 2 real ones through so far.

15 SPAM SUBMISSIONS IN 24 HOURS. Clearly Infusionsoft source code is being targeted.

Keap knows this is a HUGE issue. reCAPTCHA has been solved by spambots, they bounce right by. Honeypots are mostly ineffective. Get after it, build something in like SpamKill make it KEAPSpamKill and get it done. Obviously this is working and he’s redirecting the lead through his own server first to run source code spit-out traps which spam can’t get past. STEP your game up for your clients Keap. That’s what I do, if I don’t, I get replaced. I don’t ask them to reach out to me about something clearly already reached out to. Yes, Implement the whatever you have to to stop this!! It’s only going to get worse as we get closer to election 2020.

Thanks for answering.