Auto-delete spam form submissions?

We started to receive thousands of spammy form submissions, but don’t want to use the recaptcha solution due to its impact on conversions.

Is there a way to auto-delete these contacts from the database? They all have unique email addresses, but share the same first name and the IP address.

Thank you!

First, I would work with your web person to add an IP block to your website to block tht IP address. That would eliminate that IP from being able to visit. It’s not hard - Google it.

Then, from the form submission, I would run a decision diamond that says “if the first name = [spamname], then tag with ‘review for delete’“, create a saved search, then add a Custon Statistics widget to your dashboard so you can see how many you have to review/delete.

There is no way to auto-delete a contact inside Infusionsoft, but this will help you identify faster.

Hope that helps.


Thank you for your response, Jeff!

I will deny the IP address on the server, but I’m surprised that Infusionsoft doesn’t have the ability to do this for forms.

Also, I’m wondering if not including the ability to auto-delete contacts is a conscious decision on the Infusionsoft’s part, or just an omission. It seems like a no-brainer to me!

When trying to create a rule I don’t see the first name as an option. Any ideas?


I denied the IP address in my .htaccess file, but the spam submissions didn’t stop. I suspect they are accessing the form directly on Infusionsoft’s servers. How do I stop that???

Btw, this is the rule in my .htaccess:

order allow,deny
deny from
allow from all

Sorry … forgot that names aren’t there. When I did this, I created a custom temporary field (text) and copied the name into the temporary custom field using the ‘move it bot’ (here). Then, ran the custom field through the decision diamond.


We have issues with spam coming through that doesn’t seem to be from form submissions. Why can we not see where the contacts are coming in from on Keap? We have Captcha on all forms from the site, but they are Elementor forms not Keap forms. Trying to figure this out. SUggestions?