How to find and remove spam contact

I have been seeing a lot of increased amount of spam contacts signing up on my infusionsoft is there a way to search and delete contacts that have signed up and sre just there for the wrong reasons

Spam submissions are something that can potentially affect any website that contains a submission form. Bots are sometimes ruthless, with their spam scripts.

There are some options to track these down. If the spambot is submitting information that seems to have a common character (some spam bots submit email addresses, with names that are a string of numbers and letters and use a common number in the name field, like 5,) you can run basic contact searches on specific fields.

A little more in-depth, if you have pinpointed this to a specific form, you can run a Webform Tracking Report from your Marketing>Reports. This will allow you to pull lists of contacts that filled out a specific webform, in a date-range that you can control. If you pull a list from this report, you can review the list, and select contacts that you would like to remove, and hit the ‘Actions’ button at the top of the list to run an action to delete the unwanted contacts.

Hope this helps

thanks for the information I have been trying catch them as they come in and I do know the form it is coming in on so that may be a good approach