Automation send email in junk email

I did an easy automation, for sending emails.
The automation sends email that goes in Junk email.
How can i avoid it?

Thank you.

I think the reason is that the the sender is suspect, for he way it is written from Keap in the automation.

What’s the domain name for the sender address?

You very likely haven’t had your authentication setup or at least not setup properly.

Thank you, John.
my domain name is
I have domain with namecheap
website with wix
email with microsoft office365
Can you advise me what to do?
Than you for your help?

Hi, @Vittorio_Goletti,

So you don’t have a dmarc record at all. You have spf setup as ‘strict’ which isn’t advisable and it’s only for office365. It’s not setup for Keap, which also is very likely to mean that you don’t have dkim setup for Keap as well and that by itself is the biggest thing that must be done and definitely can result in junk folder placement or at minimum, promotions tab or it’s equivolent.

Thank you, John.
You seem to be expert and to know what to do.

Are you from Keap?

Can you help me to solve this problem, now?
My email is
Thank you Vittorio.

here the record that i heve

it seems i have dmarc and dkim records, may be no good.
what do you think?

with this configuration the problem is still present.
i just sent an email from keap.
it adds somting to the sender and it goes in spam.

I need help to solve the previous problem.
Email go from Keap to spam
(See previous explenations).

Hi, @Vittorio_Goletti,

Go ahead and either DM me here or email me at