Assign round robin only to employees that are working

We have a team of 10+ sales reps that work different schedules and days. How can we assign leads by round-robin so that only the reps that are at work will receive the new leads? Right now, a lead can get assigned to someone that won’t be back to work for three days and we need to make sure they are responded to in the same day.


In order to do this natively in Keap (formerly Infusionsoft), you’d need to set up multiple round robins and multiple sequences, based on the days that people have off, times, etc. If there are a lot of variables to those items, it could be a very big campaign.

You can do this using a 3rd party like integromat or Zapier using a datastore, where you can set the currently working people and have the system do a round robin in the 3rd party from those people who are marked as ‘working’. It is a definitely an advanced buildout, but it is possible. We’ve done it for a team of 25 sales people in the past.

If you are interested in discussing having us build it for you, please email me: