API ChargeInvoice response contains implicit string value where integer expected

I am new to infusionsoft. I am using Infusionsoft.net SDK for payment in my project. All methods like “VerifyCreditCard”, “CreateBlankOrder”, “AddOrderItem” etc. are working fine. When I call the “ChargeInvoice” method then following error is occurred.

“response contains implicit string value where integer expected [response : struct mapped to type ChargeInvoiceResult : member RefNum mapped to type Int32]”.

I don’t know why this error occurred because the response model used by this method is also present in dll. In this model the data type of “RefNum” field is int while expecting string. Is it issue? How can I fix it?

I am using infusionsoft.net 1.0.15

Please reply as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance.

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GitHub - EventDay/Infusionsoft.net: A C# Wrapper around the Infusionsoft.com API is not owned or maintained by Infusionsoft.

I would recommend creating an issue in their repository regarding it.

Thanks Tom. I created an issue on their repository. Thanks again for your quick response.