API FindByEmail gets Response contains integer value where string expected

I’m new to Infusionsoft so please forgive me if I’m overlooking something simple.
I’m using the Fusionsoft.dll on an ASP VB.net website and can’t seem to get the FindByEmail working correctly.

Here’s the code:
Dim fields As String() = New String() {“Id”, “FirstName”}
client.MethodListener = New ConsoleMethodListener()
Dim results = client.ContactService.FindByEmail(email, fields) → this is the line the generates the error.

Any guidance\help would be greatly appreciated.

We don’t directly support that library (assuming you are talking about Infusionsoft.net); what error are you getting, exactly?

Thanks for the reply and sorry took so long getting back. I had Friday off! Anyway, yes it’s the Infusionsoft.net and the error is “response contains integer value where string expected [response : array mapped to type Contact : element 0 : struct mapped to type Contact : member Id mapped to type String]” when it tries to do the FindByEmail.

It’s amazing what being rested can do you for. I got it fixed now. Just had to change Id from string to int in the Contact class and rebuild

    public **int** Id { get; set; }

Glad you got it working! :slight_smile: