Any good CRM system integrate well with InfusioSoft?

Hello, if there any crms that integrate with infusionsoft very well? We are looking for an integration that both companies fully support.


What are you looking for that isn’t already built into IS?

It really depends what you are trying to accomplish. I often develop a list of key functionalities required for the client (or two). I have worked on integrations between Netsuite (CRM within an accounting/HR platform) and Infusionsoft using Bedrock data (great integration company with the best onboarding). I’m now in the midst of another integration with MindBody Online and Infusionsoft, using Fuseomatic. So… the secret is often middleware to make the integration easy. I would be very careful not to integrate with any platforms that do not have an open API, then it’s impossible. Short of that, integrations are always possible. The key is to make sure you have people who know both systems well at each end. I can point you in the right direction if you need any help.


Thanks for your response Karen. I’ll do some research for those system you mentioned. Very good suggestion!