Intergrating Infusionsoft with Pegasus Opera

Hi, does anyone know if you can easily intergrate Infusionsoft with our pegasus Opera Accounting system. At the moment we have a seperate Opera CRM within Opera. Hence we are running 2 CRMs which is not ideal. Thanks. David

I don’t see any mention of Pegasus offering an API for any of their products. You may want to contact them and ask if they support integrating with other systems. They might have a closed API and only allow certain partners/contractors to access it.

HI Martin
Thanks for that. I have just asked them and you are correct its a closed API and they can get a partner to write one for us?
Does anyone know if Sage allows easier integration or can anyone allow suggest another accounting package that does.


We had a client that was using Sage 50 which has an open api (just had to apply for their free developer account) … So I don’t know how well Sage works for most people but the availability of the api is there.

There are a number of ‘flavors’ based on location and product level but it looks to be “all there”