Sugar CRM Integration?

Has anyone successfully integrated with a complex custom version of Sugar CRM? Looking for some insights for a client.

They have attempted to integrate with other ESPs in the past via Zapier without any luck.


Good afternoon Melissa!

If you are looking for a Developer Partner to work with you on this, we do have The Marketplace available for you to peruse!

Should you wish to start coding yourself, you would likely need to build a middleman application that would access both and be in charge of synchronizing records between the two. You can find our REST API documentation here, and it looks like SugarCRM has their REST API documentation here.

The answer will depend on what you envision an integration meaning to you. What information must be carried over? When it is in Infusionsoft, what do you want to happen from there? What’s the end goal? To use IS as an emailing/marketing platform based on SugarCRM activity or are you looking to use IS for workflow management or tracking a membership or orders model?