Another Goal Stop Question

Ok, in the image, it seems to make sense but that doesn’t mean I’m on track. Here we have two goals that are designed to stop everything happening behind them. But either of the two have their own sequence. Now if the Sixth Division boys see my crossing of lines they’re gonna hunt me down and well… Anyway, The lines don’t create DD’s so it is understandable I think.

I post this to see if there’s a better way to do this.


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Hey Keith, hope the day is good. I just took a look at this and it makes sense. You have your two goals, and if I am in one of those sequences prior to the goal, I will be pulled out of the sequence, through the goal I meet, and fall instantly into the specific sequence it is connected too.

This method that you have set up in the picture is simple and will work as you intend, if the objective is to be able to pull me out of a previous sequence and place me into the sequence connected to the goal.