Ajax form submission on Squarespace (CORS errors)

Hey all,

This isn’t exactly an API question but it’s close enough that I’m hoping someone may still be offer to able some insight.

We use Squarespace to host our public site (not my choice) and our Infusionsoft forms are just simple HTML forms. We’re now trying to understand whether there’s a way to convert them to ajax forms using jquery. You can see a sample page here: https://moreland.edu/form-submission-no-redirect. On submission of the form, though, I get Access-Control-Allow-Origin CORS errors.

Is there any way to do this on a host (Squarespace) that I don’t control? I’ve posted a message in their forum too. I’m hoping there’s some clever way of getting around this…

Thanks for any tips!

You need to allow CORS on the host setting

Which, of course, isn’t possible on a shared host like Squarespace right?

I don’t know how your setup is but you can have a separate server to work as a middleware between everything, and you allow CORS on that server.