Form submit with proxy pass

Hi everyone!

i’m developing an integration with Keap for a client and i’m having some problems. I know that my approach isn’t the best but is the simpler.
I have an application made in a JS framework and i need to submit a form to your domain so, to avoid CORS, i made a proxy pass.
When the first request its made, infusion return an 302 (that it’s ok) but de location is
If i’m try in a HTML form without js framework (and without proxy pass) in our server its work perfect.

Can you help me to understand why i’m having this location?


We do not allow automated form submissions and invoke reCAPTCHA to provide protection from spammers to our customers. If you are going to automate adding contacts Keap, you will need to integrate against the API directly.

Thank for reply!

Ok, i understand.
Can you told me which is the endpoint for this action? I’m not find in the documentation

Thank u!

For the Rest API. Create or Update a contact:!/Contact/createOrUpdateContactUsingPUT