Adding checkbox to IS Opt-in plugin for email consent?

Hey all, IS has told us to include a checkmark on our optin forms and our home page uses the IS optin form plugin(go here and click the top right green button: but the plugin doesn’t offer a way to require a checkmark before submitting, can anyone assist in how we can go about doing this? I have enough experience with javascript/php/similar so if there’s a way to modify some code for a solution I can likely do it.

If you are using the Infusionsoft Wordpress Plugin you should be all set to go; what were you told you needed to add, and by whom?

We received an email from IS because I guess a large enough number of Microsoft emails had reported our emails as junk and the email we got from IS had a list of “required actions”, one of them was explicitly getting user’s permission for email marketing. There was a link provided on how to do that and the first bullet point said “On web forms, use a check box defaulted to unchecked to allow contacts to choose to agree to marketing.”

When you say “you should be all set to go” I don’t see how we are set if the form doesnt have a checkbox to get their approval

Hi Danny!

That email was sent to you by the EmailOps team. I believe the Help Center article you’re referring to was written for web forms created directly in Infusionsoft. We can look into adding information to clarify what to do if you’re using a plug-in that doesn’t have a checkbox option, so I’ll pass that along.

For explicit permission, a checkbox is a great practice we often recommend if available, but setting clear expectations and meeting those expectations are key. If that’s done correctly, a checkbox isn’t necessarily needed. In regards to your open compliance case, instead of adding a checkbox, I recommend adding frequency expectations on your webform (monthly newsletter, weekly product updates, etc.). Your current form already informs the subscriber what content they’ll receive, but it’s just missing how often they should expect to receive it.

Once that’s updated on your web form, fill out the form in the email you received and you can say you updated the wording on your web form instead of adding a checkbox. You can refer to this post, but I’ll also follow up with my team member that manages these cases.

Hope that helps!