Add users to account

Good afternoon. I would like to open my CEO’s account so he has access. He should be listed in our users list…Paul Bishop. Can you please direct me on how to do this. Thanks!

Hi Kristi,

To clarify, are you trying to get logged into this account with your email and password? I can see that you were invited to this account, but are not currently connected to it as a user, possibly due to accepting the user invite after it had expired (they are timed links with 30 minute expiration.)

If you have a user log in and head to the Admin>Users page, there will be an option next to your user, from their view, to resend the invitation.

Once you receive the invitation, you will want to open it as soon as possible,and click the link to set up your account. This will take you to the form that you filled out with your email/password/security question, but since you already have done this part, you will just need to click the option at the top of the form to state that you already have a log-in. This will take you to a screen to enter that email and password, which should get you all connected! Again, the invitation will need to be sent out again, by a user in your app that has access to the Admin>Users area.

We have 200+ users and I’ve been sending invites for a couple years. My experience suggests that it’s several days not minutes before the link expires. According to INFS TS it’s officially 24hrs, but YMMV.