Add a file to the customer file box and retrieve it later in an email to a client

I am looking for a way to upload a graphic file (to be specific, a QR code) to a contact record and then be able to send that file to the client. I am open to 3rd party integrations as long as the following things hold true:
- QR code is specific to the individual (it will be to a referral partner tracking link), so it has to be tied to the individual.
- I can then send the QR Code to the individual via email. (Key, I want to trigger an email to the client from the Referral Partner Center when they request their QR Code. The first one will send it to them once we create it, and the second will resend it to them when they lose it just by pushing the button).

BONUS: Ability to automatically create the QR code based on the tracking link in the referral partner center.

  • If sending to a 3rd party Referral Partner Center, that’s ok but I also need it to generate a referral partner promo-code that may/maynot give a discount but definitely links the purchase to the referral partner. . I’ve found a couple that do this function, but none with the QR or ability to load a file that can then go back to the referral partner.

NOTE: Referral partners are the only ones getting the QR code and the promo-code.


You would have to save the barcode offsite so that you can reference it via a URL.
Then, in the ‘image’ field that you put into your emails, you would use ‘custom URL’ for the image location and insert the merge field for your custom field that has the URL of the barcode.

We could integrate and build this whole thing using Integromat for you (not - that is an affiliate link, but it gives you a free month of their Basic service).
We could grab the affiliate upon creation in Infusionsoft, run it through Integromat to create everything you need, save the barcode somewhere and feed the url of the barcode into the custom field in your system.

Let me know if you’d like pricing for us to help you build it all out — appointment link and/or email in my signature.