Code for order forms

Hi guys, is there a place to get code to add to an order form. I want to add checkboxes simply for GDPR compliance.

Hey Andy:

Try this.

(system won’t let me paste or upload)


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Thanks Jeff, I will open and try today.

That code is just perfect, thanks so much for that.

Sorry in advance for being cheeky Jeff, which sections would do I add the field (from the api name in my custom fields) from my contact information to sync once clicked.
Also I want to make one of the check boxes not true if clicked for asking if they want to receive marketing and finally can I add a second box, so one box would be gdpr and another for marketing.
I would keep the terms and conditions as is as that is perfect what you sent.
I have experimented with the code but to try these things but cant seem to make it work.

You are welcome.


That snippet was something I had someone create for me a long time ago - with the only intent that the only way you could submit the order from was to accept the terms. It doesn’t save to a field in Infusionsoft, just adds a requirement for checking the box. I’m not a coder, so maybe someone else can jump in and help with this question of multiple checkboxes, etc.

If it were me, I would have them submit here with just the GDPR requirement, then email them a link to update their preferences and send them to a web form where they can choose which emails they want.

I think it’s great what you sent and definitely can use it. Thanks for the code Jeff.
Can you recommend any coders