Lead tracking / attribution for orders


I would like to be able to track the source of orders made through an order form. So for example, given an order form, I’d like to know if the purchase was made through a link that I had on the homepage, or a link that i had in a help article.

Is there a way to do that?



You would need to do some coding, but the coding on order forms can be very tricky adn finicky due to the security features. I personally have given up trying to do this for customers and just move them to WooCommerce externally, or create multiple order forms that are the same and use the links for each order form specifically where they are posted (so one would be Order Form - From Facebook, Order Form - From Blog Post, etc.). The second way is definitely not efficient, so I usually opt for WooCommerce.

However … if you do want to try the coding yourself, here are some resources. Note that most of these are old posts and the processes may have changed in the past few years.


(The above has a link to here: Tuesday’s Tip: Add a custom field to your Infusionsoft order forms – Novak Solutions)

Hope that helps point you in the right direction.



That’s what I was afraid of :slight_smile: Thank you Jeff, that was helpful.