Ability to segment those in EU on my list now

I understand that I need to ask those already on my list who are in EU for consent as a part of GDPR. I do not currently collect addresses so cannot query based on a country that my contacts supplied.

I see that services like ConvertKit and Drip have added an EU filtering capability based on IP address.

Will Infusionsoft provide this capability? If so, when?

Thanks so much.

Hi, @Debbie_Hodge. There is no plan to introduce a feature to filter by EU IP Address. Our recommendation is that if you conduct business in the EU, you should plan on applying GDPR rules to everyone. If this is still something you want to do, I’ve seen Partners that are offering solutions that I can point you to.

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I had the same question. So, if I understand you correctly, we need to get consent from everyone on our list that we may not have addresses for, just in case they’re in the EU?

I was also hoping to be able to filter for EU IPs since I’ve seen that option with out list providers. I don’t see the point in asking for new consent from people we already have double opt in for, who are not in the EU.

Any suggestions about how to go about filtering those people out of a new consent campaign?

Thank you!

I was wanting this feature as well. To filter based on EU IP addresses. Is this not something we can get?

I know that @Evan_Samurin was working on something in conjunction with another partner. I’ll see if I can bring him into the conversation.

Thanks for tagging me here Martin. Hello all!

So we have developed a process and tool to determine the location of contacts in your data base based on a email address and name. We also have several campaigns built and designed to aid in identification as well as list hygiene.

We are seeing wonderful results not only the identification of EU/UK contacts but as a side effect of our process are seeing increases in email deliverability.

You can view what we are offering here: http://fundamental.marketing/GDPR-IS

Also, you can reach our team at gdpr@fundamental.marketing with any questions.

Evan Samurin

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