Importing Contacts- Email Permission Denial

I have a list of contact that I have manually put in as a contact. They have been to my facility for a consult and havent been back. We have them fill out a “New Patient” form with that they choose what category they want to consult about- ( several choose more than one)
My first question is… when I put their email addresses in- I select “i have permission to email person” the envelop is orange and states no indication of permission. Do I have to email each contact and have them opt in - in order to involve them in my campaign?
This campaign is designed for contacts that i have put in already.

My second question is… when i start building more campaigns will these contacts be filtered through my campaign if I tag them properly?

thank you.

Hi @Tayla_Boersma. It almost sounds like it is not registering that you have ticked the ‘I have permission to email’ box, as the orange envelope indicates that the contact is non-marketable.

When you enter these contacts manually, are you entering them through the quick add form via the ‘+’ at the top right of the screen? The box that you referenced, appears when you type in an email address. If selected, when you save, the contact’s email envelope should be blue. I just ran a quick test on this to confirm.

I did not add them through there. I added them Contacts> Add A Contact
Was i not suppose to do that?

Oh no, you can. There are multiple ways to do this. I just wanted to clarify that you were seeing the ‘permission to email’ box, and selecting this, as I was reading in your post.

I wanted to further ask, what browser you are using, because this seems to possibly be related to the browser, or a caching issue, not recognizing that the box is checked when you save the new contact record, as the little email Icon should be blue, as orange indicates that the box was not selected, and that the contact is non-marketable.

You will want to ensure that you are using Chrome or Firefox with Infusionsoft. If you happen to be using one of these browsers, I would recommend giving your cache and cookies a full clear, and trying to add another contact, selecting the box indicating that you have permission.

If you have an existing contact in your system that is listed as non-marketable, you will want to go into their record, and click the link to Manage Email Status, below their email address, so that you can indicate that you have permission. Here is a quick visual of me performing this on a non-marketable contact in my system. 2017-08-07_1530

To answer the second part of your question, if you tag a contact appropriately, to meet a tag goal to start a campaign, they will funnel through the campaign. They will only receive emails if they have a marketable email status, though (blue envelope.) Non marketable contacts would be skipped on any email (orange envelope.) in the campaign, as the campaign checks email status before batching out any email.

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Thank you James… my orange envelops have turned very bright blue!!! yay!! thank you for your help. I will add tags to my contacts and so they filter in appropriately.
Now that my envelops are blue, how do I add it to a campaign?
I think i did it right, i just want to make sure!! :slight_smile:

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If the campaign is started with a specific tag being applied, you should be able to just apply the specific tag to their record. Once you refresh their record, you can confirm that they are starting the campaign, by going to the ‘Campaigns’ tab, in their contract record, to see Active Sequences, Recent Campaign Activity, and Upcoming Campaign Activity! :slight_smile:

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Hey Tayla, congrats on getting your contacts imported and good luck marketing to them. Here’s a quick video covering a concept known as Cold Email Throttling, it sounds like you may run into this soon:


I am getting ready to launch campaign and wanted to add these contacts. I dragged Tags into my campaign builder, attached the correct tags i want to send and attached it to the campaign. that is how i do it correct? We are headed to University at the end of the month and just finished the Kickstart. I just want to know I am on the right track with these existing customers.

Are the tags that you attached in campaign builder the existing tags that the contacts already have, or are they new tags that you plan to apply to the list of contacts, after the campaign is complete and published?

If you are using the tags that they already have, in this Tag goal that starts the campaign, when you publish, the system should pop up a notification stating that it found ## Contacts have this tag already, and give you the option to add them in.

If you are using different tags to trigger the campaign, than what the contact currently has, you would publish your work, and then pull up your contact search for your specific list, select them all, and run an ‘Action’ to apply the trigger tags.

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