1 Click Registration using Easy Webinar

When setting up a webinar using Easy Webinar it says I can use 1 click registration (as a button or hyperlink) when email blasting to the invited contacts. Easy Webinar says I just need to replace the all cap NAME and EMAIL in the url with the short code from INFS to auto fill in that info and personalize it. Has anyone done this and how do I find the short code? This is what their help center says:
Replace NAME AND EMAIL with whatever shortcode your autoresponder uses…

Then send all emails out through your AR and embed the corrected one click url behind text or an image…








attendee_name={{ subscriber.name }}&attendee_email={{ subscriber.email }}


attendee_name={{ subscriber.name }}&attendee_email={{ subscriber.email }}

If the above do not work then please use - Name: {{ subscriber.first_name }} Email: {{ subscriber.email_address }}