Email trigger from a website

Hi, Chat suggested I place this question here. We would like to put a link on a page in our website that triggers an ISoft email pre-populated with one of our team member’s email addresses and a subject. Essentially the person clicking on the link is requesting training from us. I understand that this is not currently possible on ISoft would any kind person have any suggestions or alternatives they could suggest? Thanks.

Hi Fiona,

I am a Infusionsoft Certified Partner and I would suggest you connect via a webform.

So on your website you would have a link or button that will take you to the form, style it as you would like, and all you really need is their email address. This will create a contact in your app or update an existing contact.

In your campaign, you would have the form, connected to a sequence. In the sequence you would have the email and then also apply whatever tag you may want so you can find them later, like a “requested training” or however your tags are set up.

Just a thought.

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Joe, thank you so much for your response and my apologies for my late reply. I am not a confident InfusionSoft user yet, but your solution sounds like it is what we are looking for. Can you recommend any step by step guides to get me through setting this up?

Exactly. I second this and it’s what we use on our website.


Hi Fiona,

Just checking to be sure you got my email from last week. If not, let me know.