Connecting infusionsoft and clickfunnels

Hi! Super new here -
In my masterclass I was taught to create the pre-webinar email nurture in the webinar portal you use, so that it auto-updates the time/date of the webinar they select. I am using ClickFunnels. And I have infusionsoft as my integrated autoresponder. CF said it needs to be connected to your SMTP to do this, which CF does not integrate with infusionsoft as an SMTP. I cannot figure out how to set up the automation email sequence in CF. What am I missing? The infs chat said it looks like I need to set up an account with a different email automation program, one that is approved through CF just for the pre-webinar emails, is that correct? So then, if that’s the case, how do I get those emails to feed through to make sure they get to the webinar, and then after that ensure they will be in infusionsoft. How do I get infs to talk with the other email builder so that the other one doesn’t collect the emails etc.?

…So basically, if I’m using infusionsoft - how do I get the pre-webinar email to auto update with the webinar dates/times the individual selects? In the clickfunnels automation it looks like #DATE# what do I do in infs to mimic that? That way I can keep everything in infs and not do smtp at all.