Sharing confirmation email

Hello everyone,
I received an email after registering for a webinar. This email contained confirmation of my registration, and then gave me a link that I could click on the share the webinar with friends.
When this email opened up, it gave a template, offering people info about the webinar with a registration link, and it also opened immediately in a new email box, so that I could immediately send to my friends email addresses.

We run our webinars with Demio, which integrates with infusionsoft.
Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can do the same as above with my webinars/emails?

Thank you in advance,


Not sure there is a ready made way but you’d want to be careful. Those emails given by someone else do not constitute permission to email that person and usually that approach will result in spam complaints in excess of Infusionsoft’s standard and could get your app shut down. If you haven’t been given permission, by the owner of the email address, to send to them…then don’t do it…it is by definition spam regardless of who gives you that information.