Zappier integration and phone number (digits only) error

I’m getting an error when I test my Zap (built on Zappier). The Zap is simply going to pull the new contacts phone (PHONE 2), first name and last name. However, it fails because the phone number is being rejected by the platform it is being sent to due to the fact that the phone number can only have digits (no dashes or parenthesis). Anyone know what to do?


You can likely use the ‘Format Phone Number’ functionality built into Zapier’s ‘Formatter’ tool to format the phone number as needed: Modify number formats in Zaps | Format data in Zaps | Create | Help & Support | Zapier

Zapier has the ability to reformat the number with no symbols, as shown in the screenshots below:

If you need further assistance regarding how to use Formatter, I recommend reading the article above or reaching out to Zapier support.