Zapier lookup contact by phone number

We really need a way to look up a contact by phone number.

We’re using Twilio to automate text messages, as you can already see. We’re doing this because Keap doesn’t have automated texts in Canada yet.
When a lead replies to these automated texts, I have a Zapier that grabs the reply, sends us an email, updates Googles Docs, etc. I also need the reply to update Keap and apply and remove certain tags.

However, Zapier won’t know the contact’s email address or Keap Contact ID.

Good afternoon Nick,

We are aware there is desire to be able to retrieve Contacts by phone number, and hope to be able to supply this in the future, but there are technical complications with our current data structure that prevents it from being easily solved. When we are able to make this available we’ll be sure to announce it widely.

Thank you!


This currently will not work with Zapier’s regular Keap integration (Keap Integrations | Connect Your Apps with Zapier):

As of the time of this message, Zapier’s ‘Find a Contact in Keap Max Classic’ function can be used to find contacts by phone number in both Max Classic, and regular versions of Keap:

This worked for me by connecting both a Keap Pro and a Keap Max Classic account to the ‘Keap Max Classic’ premium Zapier integration: Keap Max Classic Integrations | Connect Your Apps with Zapier