Is there a way to search by mobile number?


Before we moved to Infusionsoft a few months back we used our previous system not only for email lists but for mobile phone information, as we occasionally run campaigns via text. I see where I am able to search whether or not a phone number field is filled out, but I don’t see that we can search specifically for mobile numbers - only phone field 1, phone field 2, phone field 3, etc. The problem is, some contacts have more than one phone number listed and while it may be noted which is mobile and which is not, numbers of any form could appear in any field. So, downloading only contacts who have phone field 1 filled out may provide numbers that aren’t mobile, as well as some that are. Likewise with phone field 2 or any of the other phone fields. I need a way to download just those marked as mobile. Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to do this. Can someone point me in the right direction, or is this something that is just not doable?


Not really a way to manage that all directly in Keap.

If you use PlusThis you can do a phone verification process (where it verifies the phone and determine mobile/landline) and then you can move data around so that all Phone 1 = mobile and all Phone 2 = landline, etc.


Thanks Jeff.