Adding "Phone 2" as a field in Opportunity Search

Currently there is only “Phone 1” as an “add a field” option within the Edit Column of an Opportunity Search. For me, “Phone 1” is a client’s “Work” phone number. As we all know, many people have not returned to their offices after the pandemic, and many are “hybrid” remote workers. Mobile numbers are a secondary contact option. I would like to see “Phone 2” (with the mobile number) in my search view if I can’t get through to the work number. How quickly can your developers make this happen? I’m sure I’m not alone here. Thanks.

Hi Eric, there is a place where you can submit your idea, but I cannot find the link to it.

From what I am seeing Keap are concentrating more on the Pro/Max version of the product than the Max Classic version. I am sure there are dozens of requests of adding additional fields to several Search Reports, which would be straight forward for Keap to implement. But the majority of those reports have not changed for many years.

The only other way would be to have something scripted which would produce a variation of the Opportunity Search Report. But that may not be suitable if you have different users who need it, and it would be outside of the application.