Would Keap be suitable for my website?

Hi Friends,

I run this small blog and is planning to start an Email campaign. Would Keap be the best option for me? What do I get more than it’s competitors?

Hi Alanna, depends on what you are looking for. It is so much more than ‘just’ an email campaign. As a Partner by definition I have a vested interest here but here we go:

Landing pages that can have automated follow-up
Campaigns to groups (or all) of your list
Integrations with many other systems and/or via zapier etc
Ability to segment
Bespoke follow-up to different segments
The ability to offer a booking link for an appointment
Payment options (if you want to)
Pipeline tracking of potential clients

Thats just a few - it is a very powerful system, and in my honest opinion, nothing else in the price bracket matches it.

If you are interested in a conversation about this, just DM me.