Word Document News Letter

I create a newsletter every month on Microsoft word to print out and mail to our past clients. We have now decided to also send an email of the newsletter to some of our potential new clients, is there a way to send the word document as is in campaign builder? I dont like how it looks by filling in the text blocks with my articles or using the image blocks.

Thank you!

You are going to run into formatting errors, as there is no way to cleanly cut/paste the document.
You could send it as an attachment, but you would probably be better served if you saved the Word document to PDF and then sent the PDF as an attachment.


It would be better to just host it online and provide a link to view it in a web tab or to download it. Emails are drastically differently formatted and you really can’t count on putting a newsletter in an email…also, the longer the email and the more images you have in an email (along with any links that might be part of it as well), the more likely the chance of getting your deliverability dinged.

Thank you for your advice Jeff!


Thank you you for your advice John, I will look into that as an alternative.