Won Opportunities As Sales Data

My sales team use sales opportunities, however we aren’t currently tracking sales in infusion which is very frustrating. We use quickbooks online / GoCardless to manage invoicing and take payments (client’s also pay by bank transfer)

I feel i need either…

  1. The ability to create a paid order in Infusionsoft without the need to take actual payment
  2. The ability to include won opportunities in sales data (All of my opportunities have products attached to them, as we manually extract pipeline data in our sales reports)
  3. A reliable integration with quickbooks online to pass back order data

Any insight / recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

  1. You could setup taking payments in IS but not knowing some of the details of your products and processes how that looks is difficult to say.
  2. opportunities take planning and are a process that can/should be customized to your model but this should be quite possible.
  3. I believe Workato and Zapier are options for integrating Quickbooks into Infusionsoft, though I don’t personally know all the details involved with them.

Hi John,

Thanks for your feedback.

  1. Yes, I have considered this, however it’s a lot of work to move over, and we have a growing percentage of our customers paying by Direct Debit, which suits us better business-wise.

  2. This sounds promising, and would work great. I just need a won opportunity to count as a ‘sale’ for each customer, do you have any idea how this is achieved?

  3. I’ll check those out, thanks

That depends on your internal work flow model. Does it involve moving stages by Infusionsoft users/agents? How are opportunities currently playing a part (this helps to describe what implementing ‘Win’ looks like) etc

Yes we have 7 stages, 2 of them have mandatory tasks which need completing before the stage can change.

It works well, however it’s just that i’d like opportunities which have been marked as ‘Won’ to go into the sales dashboard totals, so that I can segment.

There are opportunity reports under CRM->Reports that you can create a saved search from and then insert into your dashboard with a report widget that will show conversions for stages including win stages.