Which is the best tele calling software that can be integrated?

Which is the telecalling software supported by keap for integration?Tried couple of them from the keap market place but turns out they are not supported by keap for integration!!
example Call loop…cant be integrated.
Any suggestions?

HI Anand,

We have had great success with 4Voice. Seemless integration into Infusionsoft and awesome customer support.

Probably the most important benefit is not being charged per minute (4Voice has flat rate per line). Many companies use the Twillio platform which means you are paying a monthly fee plus per minute cost. My opinion there’s no reason your telecom bill should be based on useage (maybe back in the 80’s).

All incoming/outgoing calls are shown on the contact record and call notes, call recording etc can all be accessed from the contact record.

Hope this helps

thanks a lot Aron,much appreciated