Whats a good way to be able to make outgoing calls by just clicking on the number

anyone have a solution on this i have over 2000 calls to MAKE and would like to be efficient as possible

TurboDial is a great solution.
You can set up a call list and have the system auto-dial for you in sequence. You can set up a default voice mail that you can trigger and it will leave the voicemail as you start dialing your next call.

Makes you super efficient. I have a high call volume company and they swear by it.

If you decide to go with it and need someone to configure it for you, please reach out.



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Hi @Ryan_Murphy, and welcome to the community!

I can definitely relate to the need to move through phone numbers as efficiently as possible.

Check with your phone provider to see if they have anything to offer.

At our medical practice, our phone system comes with some Heads-Up Display (HUD) software. There have been times when I’ve been able to place a call within 2 seconds using keyboard shortcuts. One of the shortcuts is Ctrl+Shift+D, which moves the focus to the Dialer box in the HUD.

So I’d highlight a phone number, Ctrl+C to copy, Ctrl+Shift+D to focus to the Dialer box on the HUD software, then Ctrl+V to paste, and hit Enter to dial.

Your phone system may also provide some browser extensions that enable a Click-to-Call feature.

Another feature I love about our HUD is Web Launcher. I have it set so that whenever I answer a call, it searches Infusionsoft for the phone number to find a contact.


Wow!! Very impressive Daniel!!


Hi Ryan,

Although its been 6 days since you raised this post, but do you already have a VOIP Phone Solution already in your office? If not, then you would need a Softphone Application installed.

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Hi @Daniel_Johnson_Jr,

Question, do you know if your Fenality Softphone application can dial a number if a Telephone Number with a Protocol has been clicked on?

Sometimes the Phone Number may show the link as “tel:5551234”. Example can be found here: Telephone Link Protocol

If you know the protocol, I have a solution for you to get around having to Copy and Paste the numbers, which would save you a chunk of time.


Hi @Pav, I don’t have an application set up to dial from a web browser when on a desktop.