What to use for a Merchant Account?

So after 3 years of having InfusionSoft - We are FINALLY ready (I should say the boss because I’ve been wanting to “get in there and play” since I started getting comfy)…

Anyway -

*He’s looking for one that deposits the money/is available the following business day.

Ability to enter either Credit Card/Debit Card or Checking account information.

Post payment to Order

NOT USE PAYPAL (Apparently he doesn’t like it anymore).

Sounds easy to me?

Any recommendations?


I don’t know of any consumer-level shopping cart that offer echeck/ACH. @MarcPSummers of Nexus Merchants might be the best person to answer that. Also, i would assume next day deposit is not very common.

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We have been working with ACH - at present though you need the client to ‘confirm’ their bank account with micro payments - this means that the client has to wait 2-3 days for small amounts to be deposited to their account and once they confirm those amounts the ACH debit is done.

We are working with a better way - it won’t be for a while - also it won’t be next day as it takes time to request the money and have it confirmed that it was successful - banks gave up to 24 hours to reject the pull.

See all the payment options we have at www.nexusmerchants.com and www.orderforms.com

We are launching new payment methods all the time - for example we just launched ApplePay with Infusionsoft orders

Squareup.com does next day deposits if your day’s payments were $50 or more. Actually – they do INSTANT deposits for $50 or more.