What is use of Affiliated ID?

Hi Team,

I just want to know what is the basic use of Affiliate ID. Also, let me know that how to insert the same and into which field we need to insert the same?


AffiliateID is the same as a database generated contact id but on the Affilliate table which notes it as just Id. What are you trying to accomplish?

Thanks for the quick response.
Also want to know can we make two contacts and create relation between them as parent and child so that one can head the another one?

On the Affiliate table that would be noted in the ParentId field using the parents AffiliateID value

It will be very helpful if you can elaborate that what are you referring to Affiliate table here?

You can find all the tables and their fields that the data object has access to here:


How to get this table schema inside Infusion Soft?