What do you do when someone opts-in but then doesn't confirm their email?

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I keep running into this - someone signs up for my opt in but then doesn’t confirm their email so the sequence doesn’t send. I have a thank you page that tells them they need to confirm their email and to check spam if it doesn’t show or email me for troubleshooting. I’ve also resent the confirm your email but to no avail. Other people have no problem confirming and activating the sequence so I know that it is working.

Is this no response a spam thing? Like it’s not an actual email address but just looks like one?

Do you delete the contact’s information if they don’t confirm? How long do you wait?

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The only reason that would prevent a sequence from sending (after opting in) would be if you have your email confirmation setup as an exclusive condition rather than passive. See the image here:

In the first sequence lane, nothing can happen until they confirm their email. In the second, the email confirmation is requested, however, there is a pass by to the next sequence. This allows your campaign to continue under the single opt in condition while still requesting and allowing the email confirmation for the double optin.

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Thank you! How do I change it to be passive?


This was awesome!! Thank you so much John!

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