What are the best performing Marketplace Campaigns?


I am looking through Infusionsoft marketplace and using several of the template campaigns. I am trying to figure out who else uses them and specifically what type of performance you have seen? Everything from:

  • open rates
  • click through rates
  • conversion - e.g. signing up or buying
  • other things I am missing

Note: I know this depends the industry, copy, etc. But please share your experience.

Thank you in advance for your help!


I don’t think you’ll be able to get accurate results with this question. To know about performance, you would need a substantial sample of those campaigns used and there results. Asking for individual results really wouldn’t tell you anything. The short of it is that the only way you will know anything using your specific process will be to a/b split test different campaigns, compile the data and then determine effectiveness from there. I’m pretty sure that no one has a repository of results that you could draw on so it really is only practical for you to do your own testing.

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Hi Chris,

It maybe better to speak to someone in your technical department to help you with this.

You guys have access to all the Infusionsoft Account databases, so a search could be done to see which clients have the Template Campaigns installed. I would guess there would be some sort of reference to the template when they have been installed.

As for other specifics, then the others can reply to those questions.


Chris, @Andrea_Kitchen (Dre) used to have some reporting around usage…installed vs published. I don’t think there is any performance data that I’m aware of.