Examples of campaigns for growing our business

This is my first time in this forum although we’ve been using Infusionsoft for years. I’m looking for campaign examples to help grow our business. Is there a good place to find actual Infusionsoft campaigns we can convert to our own use?

If you go into the Campaign Builder section fo your app, they have a button for “find the right campaign”.
That takes you to a marketplace of very simple campaigns.

If you are looking for ideas, PlusThis offers a Campaigns of the Titans book that outlines some more advanced campaigns in detail.


thanks so much Jeff! I will try that area for sure! Infusionsoft is a great program, but like one marketing company said, Infusionsoft is like buying a Ferrari but only getting the parts and not the complete car you were hoping for.

Well, I’m a “master mechanic”, so if you need any heavy-duty help, feel free to reach out.