Using Zapier to send Purchase Information to Facebook Conversions

Has anyone figured out a way to pass purchase information to Facebook Conversions via Zapier? If I use Trigger: Credit Card Charged or Trigger: New Payment, neither of these have contact information (name, email) on them. If I use Trigger: Tag Applied, that doesn’t contain any information about the purchase amount.

Any ideas?

Jason, what you would need to do is use a third part app like to copy the data from the purchase to a contact custom field and then push THAT to Zapier.

If I think of an easier way I’ll come back, but thats what I would do.

I actually figured out an easier way. If you Trigger off of a New Payment in Keap, the information passed to Zapier contains the contactID. You can then use an Action as an intermediary step in Zapier to LookUp the contact in Keap by the contactID, and then finally send what you need over to FB Conversions.

I believe this will only work for New Payment, not Credit Card charge, but that’s not a problem for my current issue.

You could also use a zapier webhook and trigger it from a campaign and send data that way.

True, I didn’t think of that either. Thanks!