Using KEAP for B2B Sales/Marketing - Why is Contact/Company Record not easier?

I’d like to voice my frustration, suggest a feature request, or get feedback from others on how they manage B2B sales/marketing with KEAP. In my opinion this is a major design flaw. I realize that KEAP is a contact-centric application rather than company-centric, however when you add a contact and enter the company name/address for contact, this should automatically create a company record and add that person as a contact within that company. Essentially, you have to create a separate company record first than go in and add a contact to it. If you were to enter a contact record first it will not create a company record despite having a company field to fill in. You can search for a company record from a contact but if you were to go to that company record from the search it will not bring over any of the information from the contact record. This seems like an unnecessary waste of time in trying to manage company/contact records for B2B users. Any suggestions on how people are dealing with this oversight by KEAP?

Hey Karl:

There is a way to automatically add a company.

Herei s a video walkthrough.

Hope that helps.